Monday, January 23, 2012

See through...

She was walking from one shop to another never buying anything when she saw this mirror. She had seen this face every day from the past 27 years now, but there was something mystical. She was not the prettiest girl in town still she knew she was beautiful. But in this mirror all she could see was a sad face with brown depressive eyes. Why didn’t she notice this earlier? Was she sad? Was she depressed? And why would she be sad anyway? The questions were flooding her mind and she stood still trying to decipher the answer to at least any one of them. It was a long time since she thought about her own life. All she did was to please her parents, relatives, friends… but what about her own self? When was the last time she bought something for herself? When did she laugh or cry for herself? She kept looking at the mirror when she felt someone staring at her. She turned to see an old lady smiling. She said. “I discovered this mirror very late in my life. You are very lucky to discover it so early. Don’t ignore the questions.” Saying this, the old lady walked away.

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