Friday, March 23, 2012

Wildlife Nukkad Natak

The children will enter while clapping loudly. They will sit in a circle and two of them will
come and stand in the middle.

1st kid: Jaanwaro ki hoti nahi humari jaisi bhasha
Par karna chahte hai woe k chhoti si asha
Aao hum inki bhasha ban jaate hai
Kyu hain ye pareshan aj tumko batlate hain

2nd kid: Dekhe hain humne kai janwar aise
Khatarnak bhaalu aur sher jaise
Jab hum rahene lagenge inko gharo me
To ye batao ye jayengein kahan pe

[The kids go n sit in the circle. Two other kids come in the middle]

3rd kid: (cutting an imaginary tree)

4th kid: Arey ye kya kar rahe ho?

3rd kid: Dikhta nahi? Main pedo ko kaat raha hu. Is jungle ko khatam kar ke isko ek kula
maidan bana raha hu.

4th kid: Magar aisa kaam tum kyu kar rahe ho? Agar in pedo ko kaat doge to ye chidiyan
kahan apna ghonsla banayengi? Ye apne aur apne bacho ke liye kahan se khaana layengin?

3rd kid: Uffo! Chidiyon ko bolo kahin aur ja ke ghonsla banaye. Kisi aur jagah se khana le kar

4th kid: Aur wo janwar, unka kya? Wo jo yahan rehte hai, in pedo ki chhaon me. Yahin khate
hai, yahin sote hai. Unko kahan bhejein?

3rd kid: Arey mujhe kya pata? Ab jao yahan se aur mujhe apna kaam karne do.

4th kid: Magar in bezuban janwaron ko itni bada saza akhir kyu?

3rd kid: Kyunki is jungle ko kaat ke yahan hum bade-bade hotel aur ghar banayengein. Aur ye
jungle janwar to kahin bhi reh lenge.

[The kids go to the circle and the first one again comes up]

1st kid: Akhir bana hi li wahan imaratein
Jahan the bechare janwaro ka ghar
Kuch janwar to waha se bhaag gaye
Lekin kuch janwar wahin gaye marr

[The kid goes and three more kids come up]

5th kid: (acting as a bird which is thirsty and cannot fly. Finally drops down on the ground)

6th kid: Arey ye dekho, ye kya hai?

7th kid: Ye to wohi chidiya hai na jo sirf yahin humare desh me paayi jaati hai.

6th kid: Haan, lagti to wohi hai. Aur ye to ab khatam bhi hoti ja rahin hain.

7th kid: Mujhe to lagta hai ye aisi akhri chidiya hi hogi. Magar ye ud kyu nai rahi?

6th kid: Lagta hai kisi gaadi ki takkar ne isko chot pohunchayi hai.

7th kid: Bechari pedo ki kami ke kaaran se yahan sadak pe daana-paani ki talaash me ayi hogi

6th kid: Chalo isko thoda pani pila ke dekhte hai. Arey iski aankhein to band ho rahi hai.
Kahin ye marr na jaaye.

7th kid: Oho, ye to marr gayi. Chalo ab isko le chal kar museum me de aate hai.

[They come back to the circle. The second kid goes up]

2nd kid: Khoonkhaar jaanwaro ko ab
Bhaagne ki bhi jagah na mili
Hotel aur imarat ke log to bache
Gaao aur jhopdi ki janta hi phansi

[The kid goes back and 3 kids come up]

8th kid: (talking on the phone) Hello, humare khet me siyaar ghus aaya hai.

9th kid: Arey wo lakadbaghha mera anaaj kha raha hai.

10th kid: Darwaze band karo wo bada sa jaanwar ghar me na ghus aaye.

8th kid: Ye sab janwar to mera khet barbad kar denge.

[2-3 more kids join them and all start shouting]

All: AAAaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!
Bhaago ye konsa bada sa jaanwar ghus aaya hai.
Yahan lakadbaghha aagaya hai.
Sher to piche kheto me hai.
Maaro in janwaron ko.

[Everyone is silent. Then one by one they speak.]

Maine siyaar ko maar diya.
Maine sher ko ghayal kar diya.
Sab bade jaanwar bhaag gaye, magar bahut barbadi hui.

[Half of them are standing and half are sitting with their hands on their forehead as if

1st kid: Prakrati ki saath ched-chad na ki hoti
Aur karte ek dusre se pyar sab
Na hoti koi barbadi kahin bhi
Aur khush-haal hota ye sansar bahut

2nd kid: Duniya me bahut hain jagah ghar banana ki
Kyu in janwaron ko beghar karein hum
Karte hain wada apne aap se aao sab
Mil jul ke rahengein ab sath me hum

Everyone start moving in the circle and singing

Janwaro ki raksha karna
Karenge hum sankalp yehi
Warna dharti krodhit hogi
Mar na jaaye hum bhi kahin

[Sing this last one at least twice.]

The End

Monday, February 20, 2012

Random Life

She did not know where she was going but still she kept walking in the unknown city where a thousand strangers were roaming around her. She was not afraid of those strangers, she was afraid of the people she already know. Though Shilz was a small hill station, still she knew that no one from her family would ever come to this corner of the country to search for her.

She was fed up of her life where the bickering of her elder brothers and father left her no other option than running away from home. She somehow knew that had her mother been alive today she would have been living a peaceful life. But even the thought of her mother would bring tears to her eyes because she herself was the reason her mother died. If she would have listened to her mother and would not have been near that lake she would never have slipped and her mother would never have rescued her only to drown herself. Her father always blamed her for killing his wife and her elder brothers were never supportive after their mother’s death. Though girls of her age used to boast about their brothers but she always kept quiet and never said anything about her two brothers who not only teased her in front of their father but also humiliated her in front of the school.

For the past fifteen years she was tolerating all this but now she could take it no longer. She knew running away from reality was no solution but she didn’t know what else she could do. She had heard about Shilz once from her mother when she was six years old and her mother had told her that she would like to build a house in the city which looked beautiful in winters and picturesque during spring. Now, she could see for herself what her mother meant by picturesque.

Suddenly she saw a blind girl who was playing guitar beside a bookstore and people were tossing coins in the tattered box kept next to her. She went near her and once the blind girl paused between playing she quickly asked her how she became blind. The blind girl replied smilingly, “I had an accident a few years back and my parents struggled for money but eventually one by one they both died of starvation as they kept stacking money for me and never let me know that they had stopped eating food for months. And now I’m blind and without any family. I envy people around me who walk with their kids or fathers or siblings. But I want to tell everyone that no matter how bad your family seems to you, they never would think anything bad about you. I’m sure you would be glad to have a family. Who all do you have in your family?”

But she got no answers because the girl quietly stood up and walked away promising herself never to speak to strangers, just as her mother had said.

Monday, January 23, 2012

See through...

She was walking from one shop to another never buying anything when she saw this mirror. She had seen this face every day from the past 27 years now, but there was something mystical. She was not the prettiest girl in town still she knew she was beautiful. But in this mirror all she could see was a sad face with brown depressive eyes. Why didn’t she notice this earlier? Was she sad? Was she depressed? And why would she be sad anyway? The questions were flooding her mind and she stood still trying to decipher the answer to at least any one of them. It was a long time since she thought about her own life. All she did was to please her parents, relatives, friends… but what about her own self? When was the last time she bought something for herself? When did she laugh or cry for herself? She kept looking at the mirror when she felt someone staring at her. She turned to see an old lady smiling. She said. “I discovered this mirror very late in my life. You are very lucky to discover it so early. Don’t ignore the questions.” Saying this, the old lady walked away.