Tuesday, June 3, 2008


The temperature was low enough to be called chilly, still her hands were clammy and beads of perspiration glittered on her bright brow. Zish came into the room and looked at his wife.
“ Why are you so tensed, dear? I’m only going a thousand miles away and that too for a few days.”
She looked at one of the four moons and then at her child who was lilac in color with pink curly hair and four cute little hands.
Qiffy replied, “ I’m not worrying because you’re going, but I’m worried about my child. What will happen to our son if something unfortunate happened to you? And you didn’t even name him yet.”
Zish said, “ When I’ll come back I’ll tell you what we shall call him. And nothing will happen to me or my son. Don’t you remember what King Xex said ? ‘ We are the most powerful creatures in the whole universe’ ? Now, you don’t worry about me. Give me a good smile, a great hug and bid me farewell.”
Qiffy tried to smile, hugged her husband and Zish went.
Once again Qiffy was alone in her room with only her son sleeping on her lap. She tried to recall what happened in the past few months.

* * * * *

Zish and Qiffy were having lunch when King Xex sent a wireless message to Zish that the creatures of Planet Jupiter had challenged the creatures of Saturn for a war in space between the two planets. Zish left his half-eaten supper and went to the King’s Palace.
After a few hours, Zish came home to take his automatic guns and gadgets. On asking he said, “ I have to go, dear. But don’t worry everything will be alright.”
Qiffy was disturbed but tried to calm herself down. She turned on the T.V but only one thing on every channel ‘Jupiter versus Saturn, who will win?’
She switched off the T.V and went to her son. He was only two months old but could walk easily. He could say only three words clearly – Mama , Dada, and Fooda.
The war continued for over two months and lastly the Saturnians won the war.
That night Zish and Qiffy were having dinner together after so many days. Zish said, “ Qiffy, I think we can beat any planet in a battle now because if we can beat Jupiter then I think beating any other planet will be much easier.”
Qiffy said, “ Yes, of course dear! When you can beat such a powerful planet then all those small planets hardly have a chance in front of you.”
The next day Zish went to King Xex and asked him to challenge the Planet Earth.

* * * * *

Now Qiffy was blaming herself that had she not said those words Zish would not have gone so far for a war.
There, outside the King’s Palace, was the Saturnian spaceship which was boomerang shaped.
Zish along with fifty thousand other soldiers went into the spaceship and after a few seconds they were out of sight, up and away.

After only 25 days someone knocked at Qiffy’s door. In the automatic camera she saw that it was Zish. She hurriedly opened the door. Both of them were very happy to see each other. But Qiffy asked Zish how come he was back so soon?
Zish replied, “ We were, at first, waiting for the right time to attack. But it was difficult for us to find that right time because after every minute there were some explosions and destructions on the Earth. Then at last after so much of waiting we came to the conclusion that let them first handle their personal wars at present and if after these wars anyone is still left alive on the Earth then we’ll go and challenge him.”
Zish turned back and saw his son running towards him. He lifted him in his arms and said, “ Well, dear, I know what we should call him, ‘ TERRORISM ’. It is something on Earth but it sure is really popular out there.”



behjat said...

very nice story u r really a gifted writer.waiting for ur novel.keep smiling and writing.best of luck

meraj said...

realy very bad:-)

M J AKhtar said...

just keep it up... my best of luck are with you.. let us all make a difference by doing this type of work which can help make change this community and its perception in front of others who have not been able to understand us.. i think people like you can make a difference..

hope to read some more like this...

Loveeza said...

Now this is a dark humour!
I dint knew ke tujh mein talent bhi hai hahahaha !
Jokes apart, an interesting and true piece of fiction !
I think,I AM EAGERLY WAITING FOR SOME MORE STUFF LIKE THIS ONE,would be enough to say !!!!!!
Best of Luck !!!!!

Anjum said...

Sumi beta bhut achhi story hain maine sab padhi ...jeeti raho ..keep it up .............Love U