Thursday, September 15, 2016

Hidden Love

She was looking down at the sea swirling beneath her, swishing waters to every side of the ship. Aisha wanted to listen to the waters and understand what exactly such a grand ocean must be hiding in its bosom. Just like the one thing she had been hiding for all these years... her love for Lisa.

She had left her home after her husband’s death to work at this brewery on the ship and used to travel the world while serving liqours and listening to Lisa’s jokes. Lisa… Ah! Such a sweet name with such a wonderful personality. Aisha loved her the first time she saw her but kept it to herself. She knew that on some level Lisa also knows how much she loved her and perhaps that is why she never openly proclaimed her love for her.

Now that she knew that Lisa was marrying a naval officer, whom she met on this ship, made Aisha a bit uncomfortable. How could she live without Lisa’s laugh, her warmth, her caring nature? She has got so used to her. But Lisa had promised her to visit Aisha every now and then which had made Aisha smile unbelievingly. She knew there won't be any more warm nights where she used to lay beside Lisa, counting the stars in the sky and tell each other magical stories that they wish could be true.

Now looking at the sea from above the dock she could understand that a heart of a woman can be unfathomable and the love she has could be indescribable. She turned back to go inside the brewery when she saw Lisa standing holding hands with her newlywed husband. Her twinkling eyes smiling at her made Aisha more than happy. Lisa ran towards her and hugged her tight. She quietly whispered into Aisha’s ears, “I will always love you, Mom.”